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From event coverage to individualized portrait sessions, we do it all. Morgan is a trained multi-media journalist, digital content producer, social media aficionado, and photog // videographer with a degree in broadcast journalism from Boston College. At the University level and beyond, she spent her time honing in on the art of storytelling. Whether it was creating a news package for on-air broadcast, working as a freelance TV reporter and host, or shooting an event, her focus has always been on the compelling tale behind each and every one of her subjects, and their individual life experience. With work in narrative and documentary style film, she brings her creative talents to the wedding industry as an event videographer. In front of the camera, Morgan has been trusted to cover such stories as political campaigns, high-fashion runway shows, sporting events, and local television news. She specializes in creating promotional trailers, PSAs, and social-media friendly clips to promote and market local businesses, and initiatives. As an on-camera host, actress, and model, Morgan is well-versed on camera, and behind it. 

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Our Story

Morgan Healey Photography and Video was founded based on the principles of creativity, passion, and a love of art. We adore what we do - Morgan, along with each of her associate photographers are firm believers in the beauty and compelling nature of each and every individual story. With roots in photo-journalism and film, Morgan started the company with a vision, and a DSLR camera. She began by doing fashion photography for a blog she had while in college, highlighting "Daily Fashionistas" in and around the Boston College campus. From there, her love of learning the stories behind each individual outfit, and each individual person spun into a passion for weddings. As an event reporter and multi-media journalist, the transition into the wedding industry on the weekends was seamless.


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